wednesday september 25

Hi everybody, Last week I’ve been trying to get back into the regular system, with me doing to much stuff again. I was thinking to myself, hey, I’m not noticing too much difference. Yesterday I had my phone-appointment with my move-the-brain coach and she asked me how I was doing, so I told her the above. But I also told her I’ve had less stress and madness on my mind at home, plus I seem to recover better after a busy weekend. And I’ve been keeping up with my plan of meditating or going to the gym 5 times a week (in the morning). Plus Ilse and I made plans to visit Strasbourg together in a few weeks.

After I told her all that, I had to conclude for myself, I’m doing pretty, freaking, well, if I may say so, myself.

But now, for the grand finale, the raffle, the 6 (3*2) tickets, for my supporters, for the theatre-show of “the kleine prins”, in which I will be playing,

I asked my assistent Kristoff to draw 3 names from the bowl. All 3 picked names will get 2 tickets to, at a date of their choice (I’ll check for availability).

and the 3 names are:…….

John Dumoulin, Pascal Bakker & Michelle Wanten, I’ll get in contact with you a.s.a.p.

For everybody who didn’t win, it’s still possible to buy tickets, it’s so much fun already in rehearsals. One of my ideas for an extra planet (the little prins visits planets) is already in the story. I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

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