In 2004, together with Camiel Panday, I won the Cafe Cadeau Competition for best hospitality/bar concept. Our plan was to start a bar/restaurant with bubbles as a key-element. We would also serve tapas-style bites from different origins (tapas, mezes, sushi etc.). I would be the man in the kitchen and Camiel would be sommelier. We found a great spot, designed the venue, it was built, but due to circumstances, we were never able to open up.

With the KCAP team I was part of the team of the competition with the result, Amsterdam aan Zee. We suggested a route from Amsterdam CS to Ijmuiden and create an awesome new living and touristic area around the locks, the harbour, the beach and ofcourse the Corus Hoogovens. Everything was accesible and experienceable by cable-car. The end-result was an honourable mentioning.

Together with a couple of friends, we decided to have fun with a competition in the bollenstreek. We made a plan to take the typical colors of the area to the inside, hence the Outside Inn. Situated in an old Bulb-barn we created a situation for maximum experience.