SanderBokking 3d

For 5 years, I worked as a henchman for SanderBokkinga. We created a lot. We worked a lot on different scales. Every aspect/stage of the work went through our own hands. I collaborated on all of them. Creating the first conceptstories, making presentations, building the art and making graphics and films. Among the projects I worked on are: Freestate Bokkinga for KingKong Hostel Rotterdam, Funishing all rooms in Qbic Hotel London, Standstill = Progression 1 & 2 the Hague,  Floating Circus in KAF Almere and Merry christmas to all in het Schreiershuisje in Schiedam.

In 2013, during our visit & expo in MIlan design week, we created our alterego, AHIF, Association of Huntsmen for Ingenious Freedom.

4 months, 4 works, 4 locations in rotterdam in 4 minutes SanderBokkinga’s work in the first part of 2014 concentrated in Rotterdam. 

In KingKong Hostel FreeState SanderBokkinga. We were asked for some furniture, but we designed an overall fitting attitude. Artwork, hosepipe benches on the sidewalk, a couch in the foyer, and tables with hosepipe lamps, we designed a warm welcome for the visitors

In the end of 2015, we researched the grim edges of freedom, art and artisthood by creating R.O.B.I.N. ss. An alterego that used the freedom offered to him by suggesting to start BDSM sweatshops on the dark edges of the city.

During our time as Huntsmen for Ingenious Freedom, we found out what the impact was when walking around with disarming guns. We created bags to create a simular effect. We presented it, with the help of Frank Sinatra, During Object Rotterdam 2016.

SanderBokkinga’s Floating Circus can best be described as a wicked gesture to bridge the physical and mental gap between entities; architecture, urbanism and human interaction. His parade of artworks appears to have set up camp in Almere overnight. 

For Qbic Hotel in London we created dressfriends, desks and lighting for all 171 hotelrooms. Our workshop almost exploded. They also acquired the Hunting Hut 02 and a Sunny Relax chair for the lobby.

For het Schreiershuisje in Schiedam, we created Merry Christmas to all, A shooting gallery run by space-pigs. For 1 euro, you are allowed to aim at a breastfeeding pig and her piglets with disarming guns and say PANG! three times. The venue burned down during exhibition.