day 10

Okay, here we are. Friday was a good finish, with all the good things combined. I started with an early morning walk in the rain, I did some physical training and had a last meeting with my coach to discus my personal plans.

During lunch I presented my moodboard. We had to make a moodboard for our personal plans. I decided I need to find my borders towards my agitations and outside world faster, so make them clear, but keep openings in them so I can still communicate. On the inside I need more calmness to be im perfect, but during the making, I decided to add the most important thing, again… so I made it a question/statement towards Ilse and the kids, Let’s be im perfect together. I am going to keep that as my life-motto.

After lunch I had a quick meeting with Rianne, after that, my last massage, and to finish it off , my last neuro training with Jon.

I took the train home to see my family, except for Julie, she was at het weekend-stay over. I saw her on sunday. A quick bite and off to the rehearsal for de Kleine Prins(es)

Although they said take it easy this weekend, I couldn’t do that. Saterday, first hockey for Kristoff, then heading to My lovely mom to drop off Kristoff. Ilse and I had a fantastic reunion-party at our Highschool (100 years Ursula). I was amazed with all the people who told me they’ve been following my adventures in Lemele. So good though, I didn’t need to explain a lot of things. I did have to look, a few times to sit down and relax, it was a lot stimulus.

Sunday we celebrated the birthday of my father in law, with a nice lunch, and today I started the next stage of my journey. Back to work, but first 45 minutes meditation. It great way to start the day, lets see how fast I recover from this weekend…

I’ll be writing more on this blog to keep you updated on my progress with my brains, but probably not every day. I’ll let you know through Linkedin an facebook.

Oh, for my sponsors, This week I’ll do the raffle for the tickets for the kleine prins(es). The prizes are 3 times 2 tickets, if you win I’ll let you know, so we can pick a date.

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