day 9

And now, the end is near. Day 9 was my a day to round off a few of the elements of the Move the Brain program. I’m ready to say goodbye to my rage and welcome some more rest in my head, although it might need some more work and time. But I’ve also learned, and I did that already before this program, to celebrate my imperfectness. I am who I am, and I will not say I’ll never explode again for I am a person full passion, fire and also temper. I do hope though that I will put the energy of the explosion to good cause, and make it a flowerbomb.

Friday will be my last day here, after that, my coach will stay in contact with me to follow my development and check my plans. In a couple of weeks, I’ll return for a final neuro measurement, after which they will advice me on taking a few more sessions or not, depending on my well-being.

Since I’ll be going home friday for rehearsal for my upcoming theatre-adventure and I want to spend some qualitytime with my family, My last part of this story might take a little longer to appear on this page.

I do want to thank, all the people that supported me, especially Ilse, mama, Kristoff and Julie, the people of Move the Brain, especially, Jon, Rianne and Nanja and ofcourse my fellow teammembers, for sharing all your thoughts, worries, walks and laughs and listening to mine.

If you wonder later on, or now, how I’m doing, drop me a line or give me a call, lets hook up somewhere in the future. Thanx for reading and mental support, I felt it.

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