day 8

The more I’m going into the direction of the end of my two weeks, the more I start to realize, this is just the beginning. It’s a weird feeling with a lot of uncertainties. Did the neurofeedback do it’s work? Only time will tell, for most people the awareness kicks in after a few weeks. I do feel calmer, but is that due to the neurofeedback or due to being out of my homesituation for 2 weeks? And will it stay, the calmness? I hope….

Fore sure, I hope the mental state I’m in right now, gives me the opportunities to work on a lot of things I’ve neglected or I could have handled better in my past. By trying to figure out the roots of my angerness (and put them to rest), combined with better situationhandling, I should be able to do that. I/we need to work on creating a situation where I and my loved ones, can live in a less stressed situation so the conditions for all of us will be best to flourish.

I surely hope I will be able to put the actions that I’m writing in my actionplan, in practice. No, I’m writing it down the wrong way, I know I will, and I know we will make it work even better then it did before.

I would love to thank Ilse for keeping up with me and my temper, and for giving me the possiblities to do the things I’m doing right now. I know it costs quite some energy to manage our lovely little ones on your own, I love you, Ich hoaij van dich…

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