day 7

Day seven has been quite a confronting day. Besides 2 neurotrainings, I also had a good talk with my coach, and in the end, another talk with Jon, my neurotrainer, but also experience expert (in anger issues and braindamage).

In the neurotraining I watched another part of Heal, In this part they were talking about anger and the reasons for anger. I continued that conversation with both my coach and with Jon. From the conversations I understood, there are 2 sides that we can tackle, and that might need to be solved. The first side is the here and now, how do I solve the situations where I am about to lose control and burst out in anger. The second side is to figure out where this anger comes from, what is hidden in my subconsious, that I haven’t been able to put to rest.

A lot to figure out, but since I’m on this path now, I might as well walk it till the end. I don’t know yet how to get on with this. I’m working hard on the first side, dealing with situations, and I’m sure that with all the help I get from the people I love, I’ll be able to make it manageble. For the second part, my coach suggested hypnotherapy, to figure out some stuff hidden in my subconsious, but they do have to figure out if it’s a good combination with my braindamage/trauma.

I was glad, I could combine this heavy stuff, with a lovely walk, combined with some meditation in the great surroundings here, a good massage and a nice training in the woods. It kept me busy the whole day, so I fell asleep quite early, but it also woke me up qite early, lets see how things go on wednesday.

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