day 6

After a heavy weekend, it was good to start again in Lemele for the second week. The weekend was good, but trying to fit everything, you normally do in a week, in a weekend isn’t good for anybody. So I ended up with some situations where I could test my brain under pressure. But hey, it was great holding them again, and knowing who I am doing this for, besides for myself.

So back to this quite place near Ommen in the east of the Netherlands. It was much easier to restart, knowing all the faces and some of the names ;-). I started with psycho-physical training, dealing with private space, borders and stuff like that. She told me about a book, the 5 languages of love, which might help me in my quest for better communication with the ones I love the most.

Later that morning I had some training, first physical, and later neuro, so after my earlymorning trainride, I got fired up pretty well. I deserved that nice lunch, we were served and I deserved that great bodyscan they planned for me after lunch,

During my neurotraining I get to choose what I want to watch, so I choose a documentary, It’s about 2 man, the minimalists, who promote a life, with just some necessary items and nothing more. It reminded me of the book by Marie Kondo, her advice, every day, get rid of something, you’re not connected with. Tuesday, I will watch the rest of the docu.

The Neurotraining is getting longer this week, we have to focus now for an hour on a program, which costs quite some energy. I made a small walk in the evening, and went to bed pretty early. Let’s see what tuesday will bring us.

Oh btw, this weekend, I noticed, people are actually reading this stuff. So the doublefuction really works. For me, it’s a diary, to help me put everything in place. But I also want to show my gratitude towards people who support me, in every way. And apperantly, you are reading this. So a big thanx to all off you……

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