day 5

Friday was my last day of the first week. I was excited to go home, obviously, I woke up very early. I wrote my thursday blog, meditated for half an hour and took an hour long walk to see the sunset over the cornfields. I returned perfectly in time to enjoy our 8 o’clock breakfast.

My first session of the day was massage, there are worst things to start the day with, let me tell you. Later that morning I had Boxing training and an extra long session of neurofeedback.

Now I havent gone into this neuro feedback yet, so let me tell you in a few words what it is. I sit in a chair and watch something on netflix or youtube. I’m wearing a cap with electrodes connected with gel to my head. When the electrodes pick up to much or to little brainwaves, the image and/or sound get disturbed, a gray shade over it, or ticking sounds. I’m training, subconsiously, to get the brainwaves within the bandwidth that keeps you focused. So the eyes and ears get feedback on how the brain is functioning, and the brains react on that again. In that way new ways of brainfunctioning are created.

The diet and vitamins and other supplements provide a situations where the conditions are best for this improvement of the brain with neuroplasticity.

I ended the day with a talk with my coach. I told her about my thoughts concerning our first session. I explained, my main goal here was to be able to recognize in an earlier stage when I’m entering a phase we’re I can easily explode. We discussed ways to practise and I have to figure it out together with the home front.

After that, one of the 2 lovely sisters that run the show at move the brain, brought me to the trainstation for my ride home. A big thnx to the whole move the brain team for a great start. I’m looking forward to monday again.

At home I was covered with hugs and kisses by my sweet family, but I had to leave soon again to go to rehearsal of “the little Prince”. In the evening some time alone with my lovely lady…. Now thats weekend…..

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