day 3

A short one about yesterday, ’cause I want to meditate a bit before breakfast.

I started of in a very nice way, with some nice yoga excersises. I thought to myself, thats been too long ago, but then again, my last yogateacher, I didn’t connect with. Maybe I should look around again a bit.

After Yoga I made my walk again. I expended the walk a bit again and made it in 5km now, that’s my perfect round, 5 km in 1 hour…

Body and mind was next, I had a great bodyscan, with small excersises and it made me feel very nice.

To finish off the morning, I had neurotraining, Jon asked me what I wanted to see, some more Nature, or maybe some music? He could also get something from Youtube. So I told him I wanted to watch Prince. He found “one night alone live” which was a pretty nice concert from 2001. The problem was, I started moveing a bit to much, which influenced the proces he told me. But it’s hard not to move with this nce music.

Lunchtime: soup with corn in it and carrotspagetti with peanuts and some spices and a nice tomatosauce.

After lunch a did some work on my workbook and later on met with my personal trainer. It was a nice lady this time, first to days I had a guy. We did some warming up and afterwards she asked me if I wanted to box? Ofcourse I told her okay. So we did some boxing which was very nice, and also takes a lot of energy.

I made a phonecall with my wife and son, so I could talk to them without my daughter constantly interrupting. they were trying to keep it away from me, but eventually they told me, The little monster was kind off confused because I wasn’t around. Also in daycare they noticed that. She had problems going to bed and stuff like that. I feel sorry for them.

We wanted to end the day with a group activity outside, but it was raining cats and dogs, so we stayed inside and played some games.

For dinner we had french fries with chickensate, but without satesauce. Although it was probably meant as a nice gesture, it was a meal that didn’t end high on my list here.

After dinner we made a walk, I showed everyone the route that I’ve been walking now every time.

Before bedtime, I had a nice chat with one of my collegues here, about future, about food, about emotions stuff like that. We’re the only 2 guys, surrounded by 8 ladies, so we need to watch out for each other 😉

My lights went out before 10 already, I was exhausted again….

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