it’s time for some news.

It’s been a while, and a lot has happened in the meantime. I’m really feeling a lot better, despite some inconvenient things that happened at my work. Being confronted with things that don’t go well still has quite some effect on me. It turns out, I’m still a pretty sensitive guy.

But in the meantime, I’ve been practicing and rehearsing for my theatre performance (with 6 pro-players, 60 kids and 20 amateurs). With this team from de Stokerij Schiedam we’re creating an awesome performance, the little prince(ss).

Now, the discovery I made, together with Ilse, my dearest sweetheart, is that although it takes up a lot of time, last 2 weeks, 2 days and 2 evenings, both weeks, and coming 2week 4 evenings rehearsal and 6 performances (tickets). I am tired, but not in a dreadful way, I am not so irritable as I used to be and I seem to recover faster from everything. I keep surprising myself, half a year ago, before move the brain, I probably would have exploded several times a day in a situation like this.

The positive vibes from all the people working on the performance adds to the good feeling I have, although I caught myself fighting the bias to expect to hit a wall pretty soon. But I’m starting to believe I’m gonna make a great landing (L’important n’est pas la chute (tout va bien jusqu’ici) mais l’atterrissage).

But beside the things I learned from myself, I love the things I learned up till now from all the lovely people from the Stokerij, Koen, Anne, Rosetta, Willemijn, Dominique, Stefan, Rogier and Nieuw Niks, and everybody that I’m forgetting to mention. This is such an opportunity, and despite me being away from home, my dearest at home notice the difference. Kristoff and Julie both made a drawing for me, and told me they were proud of me for being so determined in making this work.

And I have to tell you, next to all the good things that it does for me, It is a fantastic story and it will be a great performance, thanx to everybody, I’m really looking forward. If you decide to come to the show, Before the show you can grab a bite in one of the many restaurants in Schiedam that collaborate with us and offer a theatre menu. We will performe a few sketches in the restaurants in advance. After the lunch or dinner we will all walk together in a parade to the theatre. I will be performing in Babbels (21, 22, 28 december), Pannekoe (23, 26 december) and La bella Rosa (27 december).

It would be great to see you. If not, I would like to wish you some great days and a lovely new year, let’s meet up…

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