day 1

Day one started with the hardest part, leaving my family behind. Julie kept saying, after they dropped me off, Papa will be home tomorrow. So Kristoff made a beautiful visual countdown calender for her. With tears in my eyes, posted it on facebook.

I had a good trip, by train to Emmen and when I got off the train, a lady told me, you must be Eugene, I recognized your hat and glasses :-), she was one of my fellow participants in the program.

The had a few start up problems, due to late arrivals, so my first planned activity was lunch. And it was a good lunch, pancakes with fruit, tomatosoup and a salade.

But before lunch I made my first walk around here. Ther’s really no distraction what so ever here, the small supermarket around the corner closed its doors for the last time, last weekend, so if i need anything, I need to grab a bike (they have bikes for grabs here). But I walked around in the fields and nature here, for about 4.5km. It’s beautiful and calm, I’ll be posting some Beauty = Everywhere later on.

My first session of Neuro Feedback started at 14.45. Jon, the guy who also did my zero-measurement, explained everything to me, and showed me a part of a documentary with the calming voice of david attenborough. The flickering sounds and footage was annoying, but I guess thats due to my brain. I also kept thinking, I have to calm down, in order to make it more stable, which had the opposite effect. I have to be within a certain bandwith of brainwaves/acitivities. Not enough? malfunctions, too much? also malfunctions. Like a creature on its own, you have to let your brain figure it out by itself, I guess.

Directly afterwards, I had Body and Mind, we talked about breathing, meditation and stuff like that. We’ll be statrting with yoga in the morning here, but unfortunately, tomorrow, I have to skip, cause I’ll start with Neuro Feedback, right after breakfast.

My last session was personal training, again a zero-measurement, to see where we start tomorrow. My balance was not great, my conditioning was okay, and my coordination could use some work as well.

Dinner was served, rice with grilled veggies and a non-descriptive sauce, which was inbetween ragout and curry. I think I found some pieces of meat in there, but others weren’t sure if it was vegetarian or not. But the taste was pretty good.

After dinner I made the same walk again, like in the morning, a bit longer, and again great pics, it was during that magical golden hour, before the sunset.

When I came back, I chatted with some people, went to my room, watched some tv and went to sleep. I slept like a log, till 5.15….

For more adventures, tune in again tomorrow…..

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