Monday september 2 i’ll be starting at Move the Brain.

Slowly i’m heading toward, hopefully one last large step in solving my remaining last problems, left after my accident. In the past 14 years (and 2 days), I’ve made a lot of steps, but every time I had to take some steps back as well. Now since a few years I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s okay to take steps forward and take steps back, so that’s not a problem anymore.

The problem lies in the fact that taking steps, either forward or back, cost me a lot of energy, which causes a lot of irritability. This irritability makes me very easily agitated and short-fused. I hope that the combination of diet, vitimins, mindfullness, massage and neurotraining(feedback) will help me find some more rest in my mind, so I can provide my dear family with an emotional more stable partner and father.

The next 2 weeks (2*5days) I’ll be spending in Lemele, the training facility of Move the Brain. I’ll try to write down my findings and my adventures here, for your information.


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  1. Monica

    Heel veel sterkte en succes met de komende training👍
    Hoop dat het je geeft wat je hoopt, rust😃

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